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Central Arizona Payson Area includes area of Gila County

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Important information for buyers and sellers of real estate in the Payson Area:

  • Septic systems: are commonplace outside of the city limits and may increase closing costs for inspection, certification, and repair of these systems.
  • Termites, ants, rodents: they are very common and if present need to be treated prior to most lenders issuing a loan
  • Tree dangers: bark beetles, mistletoe and other insects, along with weather conditions, are a danger to trees. The trees that are currently alive, both on the property you are buying, and the entire surrounding area, could succumb to these dangers and could die. If this is a material consideration for the buyer they are advised to seek the services of an arborist.
  • Water conservation/restrictions: water conservation measures may be in place in the community in which you are purchasing, resulting in water use restrictions up to and including water outages. Buyers are advised to contact the local domestic water service provider to ascertain the water system status in their area.
  • Rivers and streams: Surface water levels in streams and rivers in Gila County are subject to seasonal, augmentation and allocation fluctuations which will result in water level extremes. These extremes may range from dry riverbeds to flooding. If a particular stream or river flow is material to the purchase of a property buyers are advised to seek more information on the stability and viability of that stream or river.
  • Fire service/restrictions: Fire department service may be limited, and/or fire restrictions may be in place in the community in which you are purchasing. Buyer is advised to contact the local fire department to ascertain the levels of service and fire restrictions for that community.
  • Surveys: Property boundary markers may be incorrect. If the property boundaries are a material consideration for the buyer you are advised to have the property surveyed by a licensed surveyor.
  • Forest Service/Tribal/Undeveloped Land: Forest Service land, Tribal land and undeveloped land may border property. It is possible that undeveloped areas may be traded and/or developed in the future. Buyers are advised to consult local authorities if ownership of and/or plans for future use of land bordering property are material to Buyers.

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Gila County Zip code and City list:

•              85541 (Payson)
•              85544 (Pine)
•              85547 (Payson)
•              85553 (Tonto Basin)
•              85554 (Young)


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